Choosing Beautiful.

I have been reflecting on what beautiful  means to me. It has been an evolution – a distant glimmer at times and an engulfing warmth in others.

Through focusing on gratitude as part of my Happiness Project, I have become increasingly aware and thankful for the beauty in my life.

Real beauty to me is compassion, authenticity, curiosity, gratitude, courage. It is the love filled daily effort to find and focus on the positive in all things – our world, our lives, our friends, our family, and in ourselves.

Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul, like you.  ~Shannon Alder

Let us reclaim this word. Let us restate our worth.
Let us #ChooseBeautiful.

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23 thoughts on “Choosing Beautiful.

  1. A creative and fun take on the paths we chose. It put me in mind of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s
    Nobel Lecture from 1970:

    DOSTOEVSKY ONCE ENIGMATICALLY let drop the phrase: “Beauty will save the world.” What does this mean? For a long time I thought it merely a phrase. Was such a thing possible? When in our bloodthirsty history did beauty ever save anyone from anything? Ennobled, elevated, yes; but whom has it saved?
    There is, however, something special in the essence of beauty, a special quality in art: the conviction carried by a genuine work of art is absolute and subdues even a resistant heart. A political speech, hasty newspaper comment, a social program, a philosophical system can, as far as appearances are concerned, be built smoothly and consistently on an error or a lie; and what is concealed and distorted will not be immediately clear. But then to counteract it comes a contradictory speech, commentary, program, or differently constructed philosophy–and again everything seems smooth and graceful, and again hangs together. That is why they inspire trust–and distrust.
    There is no point asserting and reasserting what the heart cannot believe.
    A work of art contains its verification in itself: artificial, strained concepts do not withstand the test of being turned into images; they fall to pieces, turn out to be sickly and pale, convince no one. Works which draw on truth and present it to us in live and concentrated form grip us, compellingly involve us, and no one ever, not even ages hence, will come forth to refute them.
    Perhaps then the old trinity of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty is not simply the dressed-up, worn-out formula we thought it in our presumptuous, materialistic youth? If the crowns of these three trees meet, as scholars have asserted, and if the too obvious, too straight sprouts of Truth and Goodness have been knocked down, cut off, not let grow, perhaps the whimsical, unpredictable, unexpected branches of Beauty will work their way through, rise up TO THAT VERY PLACE, and thus complete the work of all three?
    Then what Dostoevsky wrote–“Beauty will save the world”–is not a slip of the tongue but a prophecy. After all, he had the gift of seeing much, a man wondrously filled with light.
    And in that case could not art and literature, in fact, help the modern world?
    What little I have managed to learn about this over the years I will try to set forth here today.

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    1. What a reflection, thank you so much for connecting these thoughts and sharing them with us! I think the beauty within and around us gives us the inspiration we crave, perhaps it might have the power to save the dimming of our souls, and in turn the world. Love and light!


  2. BTW, I just read this….an excerpt from a newsletter by Rob Brezsny…. it mentions beauty and seems to fit so nicely w/ your post….

    “What nourishes you emotionally and spiritually?

    I’m not talking about what entertains you or flatters you or takes your
    mind off your problems.

    I’m referring to the influences that make you stronger and the people who
    see you for who you really are and the situations that teach you life-long

    I mean the beauty that replenishes your psyche and the symbols that
    consistently restore your balance and the memories that keep feeding
    your ability to rise to each new challenge.

    I invite you to take inventory of these precious assets. And then make a
    special point of nurturing them back.”

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  3. Love, love, love it. Will be posting on Facebook and using in a future blog at Evolution Made Easier. Had tears in my eyes during parts of it….very stimulating and thought-provoking and affirming of our innate inner beauty.

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