How to create peace in your Bedroom.


As the end of the year quickly approaches, I have realized that my goal of reducing my STUFF is far from complete. At the start of the year I was giddy with enthusiasm, reading great resources, tackling small projects, but the energy quickly dissipated.

As I spend the largest percentage of time in my bedroom, I figured it would be the best area to begin. Over the past few weeks, I have gone through absolutely everything in my room – from boxes to books, cosmetics to art, you name it!

Creating room in my bedroom has created room in my mind.

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Sharing movement – Do more, own less.


Sharing: a concept that is so heavily reinforced during childhood, and practically forgotten during adulthood. We replace this compassionate mentality so quickly with ego based consumerism, but perhaps our parents were onto something…

Sharing platforms are a growing trend towards owning less yet having the ability to do more. This movement allows you to access the same services at a lower cost, with less environmental impact (material, transport etc) and encourages a much needed shift from disposable products back to high quality.

There are so many amazing sharing platforms available, such as:

New sharing platforms are emerging all the time, such as clothing sharing, construction tool sharing, etc. Some are local initiatives, others are digitally based. I love this concept, not only for the benefits mentioned above, but also for the connection it allows within a community – for the network it builds.

Why not give it a shot? Post your sharing experiences and/or other sharing platforms you enjoy below!


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