Interface: Net-Works (making waste beautiful)


I had the honor of talking recently with Erin Meezan, the Vice President of Sustainability for Interface. Her passion for her work and the positive impact on the large breadth of people touched was truly inspiring.

Interface are leaders in the industry showing that fully integrated sustainability is not merely a theoretical idea, but can be tangibly accomplished and perpetuated within a business.  They transparently report on their ecological footprint, including progress in: Energy, Climate, Waste, and Transportation.

Looking for a way to reduce the environmental impact of nylon even further, they launched Net-Works.

“Net-Works enables local residents to collect discarded nets, which wreak havoc with the marine ecosystem, and sell them back into a global supply chain – giving those destructive, broken nets a second life as beautiful and long-lasting carpet tile. The product of an unlikely partnership, the Net-Works programme is proof that when business, conservation, and communities innovate together, we can create positive, sustainable change.”  

This initiative is not only lowering their impact, but also infusing local economies, while helping to clean up coastal environments. In the first 2 years, Net-Works has expanded to reach to 24 communities, with over 4,000 people benefiting from alternative income, and more than 35 metric tonnes of waste nets have been salvaged and turned into carpet tiles.

I can only begin to imagine how this world would change, if more companies looked for win-win solutions that not only positively impacted their bottom line – but also people and the world we live in.

Can you think of innovative win-win solutions you could apply to the work you are currently doing? Please share below!


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Sharing movement – Do more, own less.


Sharing: a concept that is so heavily reinforced during childhood, and practically forgotten during adulthood. We replace this compassionate mentality so quickly with ego based consumerism, but perhaps our parents were onto something…

Sharing platforms are a growing trend towards owning less yet having the ability to do more. This movement allows you to access the same services at a lower cost, with less environmental impact (material, transport etc) and encourages a much needed shift from disposable products back to high quality.

There are so many amazing sharing platforms available, such as:

New sharing platforms are emerging all the time, such as clothing sharing, construction tool sharing, etc. Some are local initiatives, others are digitally based. I love this concept, not only for the benefits mentioned above, but also for the connection it allows within a community – for the network it builds.

Why not give it a shot? Post your sharing experiences and/or other sharing platforms you enjoy below!


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