How to create peace in your Bedroom.


As the end of the year quickly approaches, I have realized that my goal of reducing my STUFF is far from complete. At the start of the year I was giddy with enthusiasm, reading great resources, tackling small projects, but the energy quickly dissipated.

As I spend the largest percentage of time in my bedroom, I figured it would be the best area to begin. Over the past few weeks, I have gone through absolutely everything in my room – from boxes to books, cosmetics to art, you name it!

Creating room in my bedroom has created room in my mind.

For items which are no longer bringing me joy, I moved through the following options (starting at the top, moving down if the previous was not possible):

  • Re-Gift – with the holidays right around the corner, this pile was for higher end items which I knew someone in my immediate circle would appreciate. Perhaps I can do some D.I.Y projects to give these items a little “umph” before gifting. This ensures that: the items get a good new home, reduces waste, reduces excess demand around the holidays, and makes my wallet happy!
  • Sell – for items which have a large ticket price, you can recover some costs by selling them online (try kijiji or craigslist).
  • Donate – for items which are still usable, but for which I couldnt think of a good home, I donated to a local charities.
  • Give away – Certain charities are looking only for specific products, so for items outside their criteria a great option is to post on free websites (try freecycle), where others in your community may have a use for them.
  • Recycle/Waste – for the items which absolutely NO ONE wants, you always do have the option to recycle or dispose. This should be a last option (or reserved for items which would be unhygienic to share), as many times even things you imagine no one else could use will have a use (even not for their original purpose).

One of the unforeseen roadblocks for me was not having a car, which lead to frustration with items piling up in my hallway, marked with where they needed to go. I solved this by starting to participate in car-sharing program and renting a car every second weekend. It has worked brilliantly, helping me to creating space and providing motivation to continue to work so that I had items to get rid of every weekend.

Today, I am finally finished purging my bedroom – I have made over $750 from selling items I no longer needed, and donated over 5 bags to charities! Now onto the rest of the house and storage….

Have you ever tried to purge your house of stuff? What is one of the methods you have used to motivate yourself? Do you like to sell or give away your things online?  I’m curious to hear your ideas and experiences below!

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15 thoughts on “How to create peace in your Bedroom.

  1. I came across this on my recommendations page and loved hearing about how you were able to give away things that weren’t of any interest to you. I have a small problem of keeping little things for sentimental reasons or whatever else. I’ve recently been starting on a smaller scale and have gone through my closet. Getting rid of the clothes I’ve been iffy about was invigoraring in a way. Now I’m hoping to move on to bigger things than just my closet.

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    1. Amazing work! The small victories have helped me immensely to realize that getting rid of things that don’t “bring me joy” help to make more space and attention for the things that do. One of the little tricks I have come across for sentimental items is to take a picture of them – that way you can always still bring back the great memories associated with them, without unnecessary collecting or storing. Would love to hear updates on how your journey goes!

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    1. ZenHabits! I started reading his blog after watching the movie Simplicity (where he is interviewed). Brilliant insights, and I trust it will be a good spot for inspiration in the coming year. Thanks for sharing Nicia.

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    1. How true! For a period of 10 years, I never lived in one place more than 12 months – so there were regular purges. Now, 6 years after purchasing a condo, this project became essential! The real trick moving forward will be tackling the accumulation. Any tips?

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      1. I’ve been on the road for 4 years with only what fits in my outback. I do have a yakima bix on top that is mostly emergency stuff…tent, winter coat, chains, sleeping bag etc. My life style at the moment doesn’t require a bug variety of clothes but it has taught me how few clothes I need. So once I land I will keep that in mind.

        I have stuff in storage, too, but being on the road has really motivated me to get rid of much of that once I land.

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