Propelling success for environmental and social businesses


It has been such a pleasure to explore over the past year (completing an MBA) how business has the ability to create significant and meaningful change in the world. Ultimately successful businesses provide value. They solve problems. If successful, they are able to provide these solutions on a large scale.

There is a beautiful trend to more socially and environmentally motivated organizations, who combine value creation and their mission to solve significant problems facing the world today. This gives me immense hope. There does not need to be a disconnect between business motivations and the health of the world around us. In fact, I think business may be the best equipped to truly change the world.

As I explore how I can best use my new business knowledge to contribute to positive change, I have recognized that many social and environmental businesses require exposure to ensure their organizations achieve their objectives. I am currently exploring the possibility of working to support businesses with online exposure and engagement. I am curious what business owners currently do (eg. social media) and where, if at all, there may be some value to add.

It would mean a great deal to me if you could complete this 10 question survey (if you run a business) and/or share this with others who you think may be interested. I really would appreciate any insights you may have!


5 thoughts on “Propelling success for environmental and social businesses

  1. Sorry. I wasn’t sure what the survey was. I was no help. We don’t use social media, and don’t plan to. Bill is trying to slow down. He is 80, but is so dedicated he probably won’t . But we have plenty of business. I hope you get answers to your questions from people who are in need.


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