Noisy Earth: encouraging youth-generated solutions to save the planet



Noisy Earth is on a mission to inspire students to take action and tackle the most pressing worldwide challenges. It helps facilitate this through providing cutting-edge resources to teachers for student engagement in stewarding change.

Founder Paul Neenos created the concept of a Responsive Curriculum while working within NYC school systems:

I have continually observed many challenges such as environmental degradation, income inequality, healthcare access, and immigration. Issues that are not well represented in curriculum or classrooms. So, I began developing an idea to bring the big challenges into our schools for students to engage with, problem solve, and connect with one another to create awareness and solutions.

His vision was to move towards a more hands-on, experiential, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) approach coupled with a cross-curricular framework to help students connect to a topic across multiple subject-areas. Noisy Earth provides a framework which accomplishes this through ‘Stories’ (such as air pollution), encouraging students to put to use the knowledge they have learned in class to innovate creative solutions.

I am grateful for people like Paul, who continue to strive towards meaningful solutions and inspire others to do the same.

Do you know a teacher who may be interested in incorporating a Noisy Earth topic in their classroom? Do you have an idea of a ‘Story’ students could explore? How else can we get young people involved in thinking of creative solutions to big problems? Share your ideas below!

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11 thoughts on “Noisy Earth: encouraging youth-generated solutions to save the planet

  1. Reblogged this on Noisy Earth and commented:
    Special thanks to Laura Paul for spotlighting Noisy Earth on her blog, L to the Aura!

    Stay tuned for new posts on what we’ve been working on, where we’re headed next, and more posts about amazing students and educators making positive change for our world!

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  2. Looks amazing, there such a need for this in our schools globally. I feel that voting and politics should be integrated, not the boring stuff just who represents what and previous failings or triumphs. Just topical at the moment with our elections coming up and so many people just not having a clue and young people not at all interested either way!

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  3. Reblogged this on SocEntSAblog and commented:
    What a great concept: inspire change makers in the classroom, get them to engage with challenges in their local environments, and tap youth innovation in the process.

    Can you imagine the diverse ideas and inspiration that could come from running a similar initiative in our SA classrooms?

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