My Happiness Project: Stage 2


This year, I made a resolution to explore initiatives to create an atmosphere of positivity and balance in my own life – an initiative I am calling my Happiness Project. My plan is to introduce 3 new tactics every quarter of 2015, and I invite you to join me!

I’m excited to announce the three new happiness tactics (for April to June) are as follows:

  • Invest in 5 meaningful and intentional relationships – It has been said, that we are the company we keep. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people, and create a significant impact on your own outlook. Additionally, a sense of connection with others has been shown to increase happiness. Take time to really consider the people in your life – your friends and family – and determine 5 key relationships. If you can’t think of 5, it’s time to get out there and meet them! Find ways to invest in these people often: carve time out of your day to ask and listen to them, organize dinner parties, arrange coffee dates, go on nature walks, tell them how much you appreciate sharing moments with them.
  • Exercise daily – Getting our bodies moving, helps keep our emotions in check. Be kind to your body, and get started regardless of your current activity level. Go for a walk around the block (perhaps with one of the people above), check out the 7 minute workout, start a yoga practice (free on youtube), or integrate exercise into your daily commute (like biking).
  • Create a happy music playlist – Find the songs that make you feel peaceful, happy, or joyful. Listen to it often, and specifically when you are feeling down.


From January to March, we focused on: daily identifying 5 things we are grateful for, meditating, and removing one negative thing from our lives. I implemented all three and have noticed a shift in my awareness and level of stress.

One tool I discovered that I cannot say enough positive things about is Headspace, a tool for meditation. I especially liked the metrics (like tracking your meditation day streak), ability to keep track of friends meditation activity, and best of all if you purchase a subscription they provide one free of charge to someone who needs it.

For those of you who implemented happiness initiatives in past 3 months, share your insights below! Which songs make you happy? Do you have tips for including exercise in your daily life? What are things that you are thankful for (list 5 below)? Join the Happiness Project with me!

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13 thoughts on “My Happiness Project: Stage 2

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Ellie! Breaks are so very important (and also wonderful for renewing enthusiasm and ideas). I’m just getting out of one myself. It was so necessary and worthwhile. Enjoy!

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  1. Lovely post, thank you. I will be checking out Headspce too. I think one key to happiness is smiling. We hear it and read it everywhere, and yes it can feel silly smiling when we feel rubbish but it works! Even if it just reduces your stress levels slightly, you’re still that little bit happier 🙂

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  2. I love the exercising aspect of this! I definitely think a healthy and happy body is a happy and healthy mind, they go hand in hand. For me, exercising needs to be something fun, like basketball and weight lifting, so I can enjoy my time in the gym. And when the weather is nice, I love taking walks outside!

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  3. Thanks for the 7 minute workout link….I’m already familiar w/ the sequence of exercises, but like that someone could have that video playing and not necessarily need to watch, just use the music and bell cues to know when to rest and when to do one of the exercises. Will have to share as a tip on my Self-help Health post about the routine. I also like the Headspace link….will have to do more exploring there.

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  4. I’m thankful for the gratitude journal I’ve kept for years, writing in it everyday. I’m grateful for wonderful blogs like yours that keep me connected and assist in building relationships, even if those relationships aren’t in the physical. I’m grateful for my daily walks that get me out around all the wonderful plants and flowers that fill my nose and eyes with scrumptious beauty. I’m grateful for my strong body and spiritual being that keeps me going every day.

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  5. One doesn’t have to do BIG things in order to be happier. Take walking and hiking for example. We started a year ago being more deliberate about walking several times a week for about 2 miles. Now, it is a source of peace and clear minded thinking. In Sept., we hiked some trails near Taos at 8 – 12,000 ft and loved it. We miss it when weather or other things get in the way of daily walks.

    Blues is the music for me. I learned to play guitar over the past ten years. It is deeply satisfying to play.

    1. The loves of my life in wife and kids. 2. My good friends. 3. Health. 4. Laughing grandkids. 5. The natural world all around.

    Keep up the good choices. Have an interesting weekend.

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