Innovative IDEAS to solve world issues


I have decided to start an IDEAS section for this blog, dedicated to exploring solutions to world problems which have yet to be solved. No problem is too big. Roll up your sleeves with me, and dive in fearlessly to tackle big issues, share relevant information, brainstorm ideas, and compassionately encourage others to do the same.

If you have a sustainable or compassionate problem (big or small) you would like solved, please note it below! I will be selecting a different topic each month for discussion. Additionally, a social media challenge will be launched each month to increase awareness about the issue chosen.

This IDEAS area is a safe place – all ideas, however seemingly unrealistic, are welcomed. Additionally, information generated from this section is free for entrepreneurs and innovators to pursue – in fact that is the point!

Lets change the world…one IDEA at a time.

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48 thoughts on “Innovative IDEAS to solve world issues

  1. What a fantastic idea. I personally wish that; someone/anyone would try to end animal cruelty. It recently came to my attention that; live bait was being used for greyhound training in Australia, then a few days later, it was reported that; thousands of healthy greyhounds were euthanized as they didn’t cut-the-grade for racing……when will human realise that animals are incredible creatures, with a capacity for unconditional love ❤

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    1. Oh, I’m so right there with you on this one! I really don’t feel we can have the kind of world we want and be the kind of people we want to be until we start to be good stewards and compassionate individuals for the animals that grace this planet. I think the way people treat animals says a lot about their inner positioning and belief system. In fact, I think all true outer change for the good will need to/must start w/ an inner shift/raising of consciousness. Then the outer will start reflecting that shift w/ improved conditions.

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      1. I agree with you totally, Zirah;. Since time began, animals have given us; love, friendship, food, warmth, clothing, the list is endless, andh ow to we repay them….by decimating certain species, and ill-treating others. How can we consider ourselves spiritual beings, if we do not see the soul within all creatures?

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      1. I don’t know how anyone can be cruel to any other living being. Even when I was very, very young, I remember never wanting to do anything to anything unless I would like that done to me. It wasn’t something I’d been taught (although my parents later told me all that), it was just my way of thinking.

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  2. Great idea good work! There are many things, but a few to start with from my opinion anyway.

    1) Reworking our food system as mass produced farming currently gets massive subsidies (in uk anyway) meaning good quality organic food is much more expressive making obvious problem. I would love to see an massive increase in community gardens and shared produce within communities.

    2) Also a move towards promoting local businesses, building up community which has sadly disappear in todays towns and cities.

    3) Definitely education to the corrupting and green washing that is going on so people can make their own educated choices.

    4) lastly I think we (again here in the UK) the education system is what I like to call and parrot learning system (not my words entirely) were kids are just taught to keep the school performance figure high. We need to teach our children properly relate it to life. Also not pressure them so young tests at five and six whats the point kids need childhood and education should work around that not school performance charts. Themed learning I feel is the way forward and outdoor education, i’m writing a post about this when I get the chance so keep a look out!

    Only a few options but a start. Love the idea and will been keen to read the outcomes. Good work 🙂

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  3. Hi Laura,
    This is a wonderful idea, infact I launched a crowdfunding platform for scientific research in September as I believe science can help improve many social and environmental problems.

    A project we ran early this year was focussed on helping boost pollinator numbers by analysing the pollen and nectar data of hundreds of plants so the very best plants for pollinators can not only be discovered but the people who support the research also get to learn about the findings as soon as they are released. The project needed £40k and unfortunately only raised around £2k but we are hoping to launch with a much stronger campaign later in the year.

    Since that project we have launched an LSD research project which has recently gone viral. I do think that the LSD research is important, however, I would also really love for the public to get behind some of the environmental projects we have in our pipeline. If you think you might be able to help through your blog it would be really lovely to hear from you.

    Best wishes



  4. Please check-out the documentary film about the sustainability of self… What defines true sustainability? How can we begin to create sustainability in a world that has such vastly differing views on the subject? If we perceive our external world as “unsustainable” what does this suggest about our own internal landscape? The Sustainability of Self is a documentary that follows two travelers for two years across the world to Ethiopia, and back, seeking insight into a world on the verge of transformation. —>


  5. First of all thank you so much for following my site

    Your blog is great, this IDEA topic that you are writing about really got my attention and I’ll be following it closely. Hopefully good ideas will come out of it, love innovation.

    Keep it up.

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  6. Solar power charges electric cars, cools homes and runs lights and appliances. But available solar thermal systems are small and expensive. We need larger inexpensive high performance solar collectors for heating homes, making alternative fuels and powering industry. I’ve been working to perfect solar dishes for over 40 years enabling them to perform well in winter. We need simple,
    high performance solar collectors that:

    1. Intensify sunlight 1,000 times to power tiny receivers that deliver heat and power;
    2. Harvest more than 80% of available sunlight;
    3. Are made with home shop tools without welding or expensive equipment;
    4. Can be installed using hand tools and then operate without expert attention;
    5. Replace in less than six months the energy invested in making it;
    6. Operate for 30 years: all parts easily repaired or replaced;
    7. Utilize only materials that can be readily reused or recycled;
    8. Power both themselves and connected systems so they work after storms;
    9. Provide year-round hot water, air conditioning and space heating; and
    10. Pay for themselves in fewer than ten years, five if made locally, without subsidies.

    Interested in solar tools that enable life without burning fossil carbon? I’ll be showing how to design, build, erect, align mirrors, and run one of these this year beginning when the weather warms up. I need help programming an open source controller, analyzing applications and developing CHP receivers that convert 30% of the focused energy into electricity and the rest into hot fluid. See:

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    1. Don’t forget solar cooking. That’s thermal too. Either parabolic reflectors that focus onto a hot plate or simpler insulated solar ovens. And why not build an oven into a south facing kitchen wall like Sherry Cole and Barbara Kerr did… and include back up electric elements as back up for nights and cloudy weather. Thanks Bill, and Laura!

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  7. Great idea! I have 2 things to share about things that are being invented to help solve problems that I thought your readers might like to know about, or they might help spark solutions to other situations… or just learning about them may make people feel more optimistic to know that people are coming up with things like this. I came across both of these on FB recently….the first is Bios urns ( are cremation urns that you plant in the ground and a tree ends up growing from it to serve as a living testament to your loved one. They are made by a place in Spain, but I think there’s something similar in the US now. The second thing I loved learning about is a great idea/invention called Flow, an innovative system for beekeeping that allows for living in harmony w/ the bees and extracting honey in a gentle, unobtrusive manner.

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