August: Musical Inspiration

I’d like to start sharing music that has inspired me over the past month, and hope some may resonate with you as well…


I would love to hear what music has inspired you over the past month, in the comments below!


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9 thoughts on “August: Musical Inspiration

  1. Hi Laura, thanks so much for following my blog. I look forward to exploring yours! I love the acoustic version of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay with Me’ – such a beautiful voice. I think I actually prefer hers.

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  2. If I were to listen to music 24/7, it would take me six months to listen to my collection. I’ve been collecting since I was 11, first vinyl, then 8-track tapes, then cassette tapes, then CDs, and now digital. (I wonder what the next medium will be…….). I listen to my collection in chronological order, and I’m in October 1978 right now, listening to “Toto” by Toto. Upcoming is “Trouble” by Whitesnake, “52nd Street” by Billy Joel, and “Hemispheres” by Rush.


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