#LikeAGirl – Inspirational Women: a never ending list

I hope whatever you do, whatever you dream, you have the courage to do it #LikeAGirl:

  • Run a country #LikeAGirl – Pratibha Patil (India), Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), Indira Gandhi (India), Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Liberia), Mary Robinson and Mary McAleese (Ireland), Tarja Halonen and Mari Kiviniemi (Finland), Dalia Grybauskaite (Lithuania), Johanna Siguroardottir (Iceland), Jadranka Kosor (Croatia), Iveta Radicova (Slovakia), Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Argentina), Laura Chinchilla Miranda (Costa Rica), Pearlette Louisy (St. Lucia), Kamla Persad-Bissessar (Trinidad and Tobago), Roza Otunbayeva (Kyrgyzstan), Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan), Sheikh Hasina (Bangladesh), Julia Gillard (Australia)
  • Win the game #LikeAGirl – Florence Griffith-Joyner (fastest woman of all time), Serena Williams (only tennis player to hold all four Grand Slam titles at the same time), Tracy Caulkins (set five world swimming records and 63 U.S. records), Bonnie Blair (5 olympic gold medals in speed skating). Mia Hamm (scored more goals in her career than any other player, male or female, from the U.S, and named FIFA player of the year twice), Ellen MacArthur (broke the non-stop solo sailing world record), Tanni Grey-Thompson  (outstanding paralympian), Jackie Joyner-Kersee (one of the best athletes of all time)
  • Lead a company #LikeAGirl – Indra Nooyi (CEO of PepsiCo, the second largest food and beverage business in the world), Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors), Margaret Cushing Whitman (CEO of  Hewlett-Packard)
  • Be brave #LikeAGirl – Malala Yousafzai (17 year old education activist in Pakistan), Emmeline Pankhurst(women’s right to vote, UK), Roza Parks (African american civil rights activist)
  • Explore the world #LikeAGirl – Amelia Earhart (aviation pioneer), Jane Goodall (world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees), Marie Curie (pioneering research on radioactivity, two-time Nobel Prize winner)
  • Save lives #LikeAGirl – Florence Nightingale (founder of modern nursing), Mother Teresa
  • Build an Empire #LikeAGirl – Oprah Winfrey (arguably one of the most influential people on earth).


The next time you use the saying ‘#LikeAGirl’, may it be an expression of strength and downright awesomeness! Help me to keep this list growing, by adding women who inspire you in the comments below.



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28 thoughts on “#LikeAGirl – Inspirational Women: a never ending list

  1. Excellent : ) very much aligned with what I have been discovering about “growing up” #LikeAGirl and working in the Film and Music Industry #LikeaGirl : ) These experiences led me to “Be The Change” after turning down several Acting Roles with good salaries, but which, I felt were incredibly degrading not only to my craft, but also, to girls and women who may have ended up seeing me in those roles, …. Not that I didn’t do some initial tiny roles in films as a teenager, which I did my best to “pump” with some integrity LOL … Even in those teen roles I convinced the directors to let my character “fight back” or portray some element of “soul” or “individualism” when each of those roles, was of course embodying yet “another blonde damsel in distress” … I embarked on founding my Teeny Tiny FeMPoWorD™ Film, Music, and Publishing FeMtO™Studio : ) Cali Lili Indies™ is an Upcycled IndiGoGreen™ Sustainable Space In Venice Beach, … I hope anybody stopping by here, will check out the Movie Trailer for my upcoming Indie Feature Film and Indie Rock Album both of which might be described as a WoManiFestO™ : ) My Team and I are totally Indie and literally GrassRoots with no corporate sponsorships, so we TRULY appreciate Likes, Shares, Follows on all social networks … and we’d love the support when the film and album are taken to festivals or whatever distribution avenue is the most organic and FeMPowering : ) eVe n’god™this female is not yet rated™ #Women #Lesbian #LGBT #LoveIsLoveStory #Movie #Album http://tmblr.co/ZpPpSv1V3mPgJ Love=Love to YOU From The Cali Lili Indies™FeMtO™StudiO * Pictures Words Music In Motion™ VenusBeach™City Of Angels, Cutting Edge Of The Pacific™


  2. I’ve been noticing the #LikeAGirl tag around since I got into action with the #HeForShe movement. It was good to find it, but its a shame it isn’t outside the “circle” .. you know what I mean? It isn’t some place traffic not in touch with the Feminist circles on the Internet, is going to stumble across. Since I’m going to be active with #HeForShe I’ll see if I can help that.


  3. Stop Women Trafficking#Like a Girl,From Nepal #Anuradha Koirala who fights against women trafficking and has given a new life to many abused women in Nepal. She runs an organization called’Maiti Nepal”and is also CNN Hero of the year 2010!!!


  4. From Nepal #Anuradha Koirala who fights against women trafficking and has given a new life to many abused women in Nepal. She runs an organization called’Maiti Nepal”and is also CNN Hero of the year 2010!!!1


  5. I had to read because you mentioned my countrywoman Pearlette Louisy (St. Lucia). She does an amazing job #LikeAGirl! Love this!


  6. I’m an older person. I have been a Male Chauvinist (unawarely) and probably have that ingrained, like it or not. However, I’m trying to be a human being above male. I look like, smell like and act like a man – and sometimes like a little boy. However, I sincerely believe in respect and equality if not absolute political correctness. Equality doesn’t mean we’re the same.

    Friends sometimes text me male jokes and I laugh. I admire many women and am lucky enough to count some as friends. My thrillers, I guess, mirror a journey towards equality, partnership and esteem.

    A keyword that occurs to me is “awareness”, with that comes choice and options about how I deal with women. And that brings me back to being a person. Not asexual, but aware, concerned and wanting to relate to all the people I meet on my journey through life. Winning, is important in some situations, but in many it separates and diminishes others. Me, I agree that “none of us are as good as all of us”.

    Thanks for this thought provoking post. In the hope these hasty words add something … Mac


  7. Fight like a girl. Jessica Andrade 11-3-0. UFC Fighter from Brazil.
    Nickname is translated to “piledriver” in English
    Pro since 2011
    Five wins by submission, four by knockout
    Has won nine of her last 11
    Five first round finishes


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