Musical Healing


These beats make my heart soar, to high notes resonating within me like you.
Music is an escape, it’s your voice – it helps me sleep, smile, breathe again.

You are wrapped in the small folds of the crisp notes, and the hushed lulls.
You spill from within me, these sung words on moist lips.

I feel you breathe goosebumps along my neck, in the poignant silence.
Notes envelope me, your big arms, my protection…still.



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9 thoughts on “Musical Healing

  1. I grew up in a family where mom played the piano and organ, granddad played the violin, and grandma played the flute, so music has always been part of my life. I used to play the violin and piano, and sing. Now I just listen to an average of 11 hours of music every day. I don’t have cable or television, so there’s nothing for me to miss there that doesn’t show up on Facebook or YouTube.


  2. I find music helps heal from grief…there’s something to that old thing of crooning at funerals…somehow we need to let our emotions escape from our souls to let the pressure out. We’re such a funny combination of body and soul, and music mingles them both.
    Lovely poem to capture this!

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