Free Management Tools I love


Over the past 5+ years of volunteering with multiple groups, I have learned of some free online tools which are particularly helpful for task and document management. I wanted to share a couple of my absolute favorites with you, in case they might help with groups or projects you are involved in:

  • Trello – This is a task management tool I only discovered a few months ago. Very user friendly, efficient, and visually intuitive. You can create tasks, lists, responsibilities, due dates, attach relevant documents, and categorize tasks via boards (under a single organization). Each team member has their own login information, and can set how often they want email reminders – a great way to minimize unnecessary emails. I have been searching for a task management tool like this for a long time, with no luck. I have found other software which indicate they provide similar functionality, but at a cost. Trello is a keeper!
  • Dropbox – A oldie, but a goodie. This is my tried and tested document management tool. Once downloaded, it has the format and appearance of any other folder on your computer. It syncs regularly, and keeps all documents safe and accessible on any computer and with multiple users. The one downside of Dropbox is that if a file is being edited by two users at once, it saves two seperate files which need to be merged later. There are other free tools to manage documents, such as Google Docs, which allow multiple users to edit at the same time, however I have found their formats are not as intuitive or user friendly (all digitally based files)

Do you have other free task or document management tools you use?
Share your experiences and/or favorite tools below!


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8 thoughts on “Free Management Tools I love

  1. I rely heavily on Evernote to clip and store interesting information or web links, which you can share with others when collaborating on a project. You can also create your own notes and attach pics. I even have all my recipes in Evernote. There’s a desktop, web and mobile app that sync together. And it’s free! 🙂

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