We Made it – an incredible project


Did you know that less than 7% of professional engineers are female?

I’m thrilled that a committed group was formed to help tackle the issue, not only with words, but also with action. The WE MADE IT Project brought together high school girls, universities and companies, as well as a youth engagement creative agency to create an absolutely incredible online tool. From interviews to teaching guides, inspirational videos to engineering bling – there is content sure to please any audience.

As a female professional engineer, I was excited that the youth think tank asked to profile me for the project. I think its incredibly important that girls are empowered to pursue any career stream they are passionate about. Join me in supporting these wonderful young ladies and their exciting project!

Is there someone you think could benefit from the project? Do you know a teacher who may be interested in using the teaching materials? Would you be interested in sharing one of the online videos via social media?

I challenge you to take one small action to support this mission and project.
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