Run Lola Run – A wonderful film

One of my favorite films of all time, Run Lola Run, I first watched on a night during high school while babysitting for a particularly interesting family. Their collection was impressive, a wall full of artistic films from all over the world. I was in for a mind expanding experience, when I slipped this German treasure into the crackling VHS player.

Man… probably the most mysterious species on our planet.
A mystery of unanswered questions.
Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Where are we going?
How do we know what we think we know?
Why do we believe anything at all?
Countless questions in search of an answer…
an answer that will give rise to a new question…
and the next answer will give rise to the next question and so on.

But, in the end,
isn’t it always the same question?
And always the same answer?

~Run Lola Run

It highlights the mysteries of life –  choice. change. control. chance.

It calls us to question and examine the way we see the world. How much power do we have power over situations?  Are we asking the right questions in our lives and relationships? Do you know who you are or where you are going? Can we only attain knowledge through struggle and at personal cost?

Next time you’re at the library, be sure to pick this gem up!


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