First year anniversary of blog

One year WordPressThank you.

It’s incredible to see all that has come about since I wrote my first blog post, a year ago. I’m reminded of my intentions at the start of this process:

“This is something very new for me, and likely will take time to discover the dialect – but in a year’s time, if even one life has been enriched or mind expanded (including my own), in even a small way, it will have been more than worth it.”

I’m glad many have come on this ride, with over 5,500 views from all over the world. I’ve been blessed with offers to write for Global Chorus (to be published this fall) as well as Powerhouse Growers.

This week has been significant for me for many reasons: one year anniversary of this blog. welcoming my 28th year living, as well as getting a letter in the mail indicating I have been approved for my Professional Engineering license (a significant struggle, as Sustainable Building Design has not been a widely recognized or approved form of Engineering in the past).

I’m reminded that anything is possible, and that this wonderful world can change…

I want to share that hope with you more often, and over the next year will aim to provide content every second week. I would love to hear what you would enjoy reading about:

Looking forward to sharing another great year with you!


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6 thoughts on “First year anniversary of blog

  1. I definitely urge you to write about Women’s rights. It is something that needs to be heard about and with your global reach you may be able to connect with some folks where expression is much more stifled. Happy blogging and congratulations.


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