2013.09.15 – Library Movie Reviews

English: Swimming at Barton Springs Pool

The Unforeseen – My rating: 4/5 (should watch)

An incredible story about Barton Springs, in Austin Texas – the community tried to save their oasis, and the legal/political struggle of a developer to make profit. I found it provided refreshingly interesting insight into what motivates and pushes the sprawl of cities, as well as the sometimes unexpected outcome years after a project is complete. So often we are focused on the short term gains – profit of the developer, bigger lots for home buyers, etc – yet in the end, does it really make anyone happier?  I was expecting an informative film (which it was), but I wasn’t expecting this movie to touch my heart in the way that it did.


‘They know the cost of everything, but they know the value of nothing’

If people lead, the leaders will follow’

‘We have chosen a place to live where we can live in harmony with nature, not in opposition to her. Barton Springs is much more than a swimming pool, it is an attitude, a statement for quality of life. It is our rebuttal to those who say ‘One must devote ones life to the pursuit of the all mighty dollar, no matter where the pursuit may take you, no matter what the personal sacrifices, no matter what the price.’ This pool of water is sanity, and now it is suffering from the insanity of man, Barton Springs is a microcosm of the world we now live. Damn. Damn. Damn.’

‘This is a gift that we have some responsibility to appreciate, if I don’t act on that – then I am part of destroying it.’

‘Growth itself is not the enemy; it is the nature of that growth.’

‘For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil for which some have strayed from their faith in their greediness and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows.’

Can the Gulf Survive? National Geographic – My rating: 3/5 (could watch)

I was slightly under impressed with this film. Most of the information presented was shown during news coverage of BP’s Gulf spill. The photography, and filmography was wonderful – like most National Geographic work, but the information presented was not as informative or as in-depth as I had hoped it would be. It still provides significant amount of information about the Gulf spill, and if you weren’t following the news coverage you may be interested in watching this.

The Weight of the Nation – 4 part HBO Documentary – My rating: 4/5 (should watch)

Well researched, statistic packed, enlightening film with incredible power behind the message. They attack the subject of weight from four strong sides: consequences, choices, children in crisis and challenges. This series is one of the most informative pieces of work I have seen to date, and inspires us to take the issue of ‘America’s Obesity Epidemic’ seriously, from a science perspective. I was impressed that it also didn’t just stop at truly convincing that this is a problem, but also addressed some solutions – including personal, government, marketers, food companies, incentive programs etc. This was on the edge of a 5/5, and I would strongly encourage anyone to seek out this series, and apply it in their own life and community!


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