I hope you join me on the journey…


About a year ago, I created a twitter account. I was in awe of the new “language” learnt with strange symbols, and short forms I didn’t understand. It was alien to me, and for many months I tentatively stepped forward with uncertainty – a foreigner in a new country, unable to speak fluently.

I believe in change. I believe in the worth of allowing yourself to embrace uncomfortable situations – and the blessing they give us of opportunity to grow and learn. I believe in listening. I believe it can only be truly done with an open heart and mind, with fluidity and release of inflexible beliefs.

I’ve been blessed with the community of people on twitter, and wanted to create a space which would allow the expansion of conversation beyond 140 characters. I wanted to share some of my own practices and insights from material I read, watched, and listened to. I wanted to share what inspires me, and allow others to do the same in return.

This is something very new for me, and likely will take time to discover the dialect – but in a year’s time, if even one life has been enriched or mind expanded (including my own), in even a small way, it will have been more than worth it.

9 thoughts on “I hope you join me on the journey…

  1. Laura, we say thank you, at Filmbell, for your recent interest. We note also that you have over 27,000 followers, following but a year and a half of publication (this post is dated April 2013), so you are a websuccess story! We are also 100% for social-environmental sustainability here, difficult as that has become in the U.S.A. Continue your journey, and upward, with our best.

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  2. Thank you Laura i really appreciate being involved in your Twitter journey because it is the most enriching experience i’ve ever had .


  3. If the product of loosing something comes to be freedom that meansto me, that surely this “something” was never yours from its side…Maybe was just “some of.., a thing”. If it was so, it was only an idol..Was not real…To have, is to be…I feel. Freedom is to be…:) I feel..


  4. Your blog has a nice aura! 😉 I joined Twitter in the summer of 2012 and had similar feelings. Hopefully Twitter sticks around for years but yes, things change, people change. Hopefully it doesn’t go extinct like Netscape Navigator, etc.


  5. nice – I like your writing ! the medium seems constricting to me…but they all are. I like manual typewriters where you can adjust the registration and key strength, as well as write on top or between lines, or sideways, or… 😛


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